Morro Bay’s new AD


Morro Bay’s staff has been in and out in the past few years, with new teachers, counselors and even principal. The 22-23 school year saw another mainstay leave.  Mr. John Andre. John Andre, the athletic director at MBHS for the past 25 years but is stepping down for unknown reasons. He has been through it all, and now a new face is here. Welcome new Athletic Director Mr. Hoyt!

Mr. Hoyt has much experience in this field, as he was Laguna Middle school’s AD for a couple years and even coached their cross country and track and field team. Mr. Holt is a local in this area as he went to Morro Bay for high school. He ran cross country in high school and even in college, where he went to UC Santa Cruz for 4 years. He then transferred to Cal Poly and graduated in 2020 with his masters, leading to his teaching at Laguna Middle School. 

Mr. Andre did a great job at MB and his presence will be missed, but some students are excited about a new face on campus. Senior Gabe Paul, who played baseball with Andre as a coach, has this to say, “It will be interesting to see how a new athletic director will affect the sports at MB. Coach Andre put in a lot of time in baseball and loved sports so he will be missed. The new AD will have big shoes to fill and a lot of work to look forward to.” Senior Laettner Goron has this to add about the new arrival, “I think it’s a fresh start for Morro Bay athletics. WIth a new director things will change and as he will be in charge of hiring new coaches. All in all, it’s a nice new fresh start for Morro Bay athletics.”

Having someone fresh and new is often beneficial. With new energy form Mr. Hoyt, sports and campus at Morro Bay should be more stoked and excited for sports this year. 

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