Specker Speaks #2

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Have you ever felt so strongly about something so insignificant? Something so miniscule yet so important to you? It could be a tradition, preference, or hatred that in the grand scheme of existence you really shouldn’t be so passionate about. It’s up to you to submit your paltry perspectives. Here’s an example for those who are confused: “I only ever write with pens and will never use pencils! I hate pencils!” Why might someone feel this way and why do they care so much? Submit your paltry perspectives anonymously using the link below and provide some background information! You can also support your claim and try to persuade me with your position. Welcome to column #2 of Specker Speaks.

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1. Santa is real-People be trying to tell me that Santa ins’t real. Like, what kind of tomfoolery is that? This dude fits himself down our chimneys, leaves presents under our trees, and eats the cookies we prepare for him every year. People really have the audacity to deny that? Straight up bafoons. Right?…

-Yung Gravy

I feel this is truly an issue of respect. Everyone knows that only a sith deals in absolutes so even the possibility of Santa existing should be met with respect. I apologize that these “bafoons” are fighting your faith. You and Mr.Claus deserve some sort of compensation in my humble opinion. Santas is also very consistent every year making his rounds so he’s got a solid track record. Overall I would say he’s pretty clutch.

2. The pineapple on pizza debate has been over argued-The pineapple on pizza debate has been over argued-Whether you like pineapple on pizza or not, it is an argument that i’m tired of hearing. Why do people argue about it when it’s known that people like certain foods and some people don’t. I don’t care what topping people like on pizza and others should stop caring about it.


Mr. Gade once taught me that there is no reason to argue with people about their taste buds. Everyone likes different things and people’s taste buds even change over time. I also believe that this argument has been over done. It’s one of the go-to arguments people ask to start a debate that usually ends with neither side convinced and no outcome. The only time I would say it’s a valid debate is when multiple people are getting a pizza. In that scenario you should either do half and half or cater it the best you can so everyone can enjoy it.  

3. I hate it when people get mad at you for something you haven’t even done yet-That one person who asks why you haven’t invited them yet. Like I HAVEN’T EVEN FIGURED OUT A DATE OR TIME CHILL.


Nobody wants to be accused or confronted before you’ve even made a decision. This is an issue that I rarely deal with on my end but when I do it is very frustrating. To add to this, when I begin to become aggravated is when someone continues to pry after you have stated you’re not sure. The more it continues my ability to become upset grows exponentially. In my experience in scenarios like your example I’m usually able to explain quickly and prevent anyone actually becoming agitated. I believe you shouldnt get aggravated before hearing the other person’s side. After learning that a decision hasn’t even been made if the person continues to be agitated, that sounds like a complication on their end one way or another. 

4. I can’t stand people who ask what your opinion is on something, and then get mad at you for giving your opinion-“Do you like this movie” “Eh not really” “Why not? It’s the greatest movie ever.”


I am typically the one asking questions to my peers and I do rarely oppose them. In some rare instances I can see where someone could become upset at another person’s opinion but if you did ask for it you really should consider if that’s an argument worth having. A big part of social groups is disagreeing about something so this specific scenario could be a way they want more information about your opinion. I could understand why they would want to know why you would dislike a movie they really like for example. I think the problem with this action is if they actually “get mad.” It differs from group to group and whether the person you are interacting with can have a debate without making it a personal thing. 

Warning: These columns are based on submissions via google form and the replies are based on opinion. The columns are compiled for comedic purposes only and reflect one student’s viewpoint on a frivolous premise. 

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