Rea Reviews: The Composite Score


Rea Reviews will be introducing a new feature, the composite score, to enhance an aspect of film criticism that is increasingly important to acknowledge: the consensus. Any film or television review’s score is one of thousands, perhaps millions of scores from those who have seen the movie or show. For Rea Reviews, a composite score of the IMDb average rating, the Letterboxd average rating, the Metacritic critics score (Metascore), the Metacritic audience score, the Rotten Tomatoes critics score (Tomatometer), and the Rotten Tomatoes audience score – as well as the Rea-ting – will be used to assess the consensus opinion behind a film or television series. As we can see from the graphic, WandaVision has a score of 80.43 based off of the mean average of the seven aforementioned ratings. In the case of extreme outliers, a median score will be averaged with the typical composite score to form a more accurate composite.

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