The Solar System


Ale Rodriguez Rodriguez 

Mammarella P.6

September 2022

The Solar System

Before land, there was only space. There was no form of matter or vision. The only thing in existence was a star named Ezzer. Ezzer was carefree for a long time, floating around and enjoying the silence. 

One day, Ezzer hummed a song to himself and wished he had another partner to sing along too. With simply thinking hard enough, Ezzer made Lartha. Lartha and Ezzer would float around and sing together for centuries. 

Lartha once asked Ezzer if they may have other stars to sing along with. Ezzer simply said yes but it takes a lot of power from the mind. Ezzer instructed Lartha to close her eyes and picture a star. When Lartha would open her eyes, there would be the star. Lartha closed her eyes and thought of a tiny little star and named it Mercury. Lartha loved how small Mercury was. 

Ezzer, on the other hand, felt that there should be a bigger star. Ezzer closed his eyes and thought of another star and later named it Mars. Mars and Mercury had so much fun floating around in the blank space.

 When Mars and Mercury got bored they both asked Lartha and Ezzer to grow another planet. Lartha, thinking Mars and Mercury deserved another friend, closed her eyes and grew Venus. Venus felt as if Mars and Mercury got along a lot more than they did with Venus so Venus went to Ezzer and asked for a friend. 

Ezzer closed his eyes and grew Earth. Ezzer told all the stars that there are enough stars floating around and there should be no more because then there won’t be a lot of space left. 

Lartha didn’t agree with Ezzer. Lartha secretly closed her eyes and grew Neptune, Uranus, Saturn, and Jupiter. Ezzer found the new four stars floating around and Ezzer wasn’t happy. 

Ezzer and Lartha got into a mad fight. They never touched each other because they never knew what would happen. Ezzer was so mad he bumped into Lartha hoping it would hurt her physically. A loud sound boomed throughout the space. A very big bright light appeared from where Ezzer and Lartha fought.

 All eight of the stars ran towards the bright light. They all wondered where did Ezzer and Lartha go? The eight stars circled around the bright light hoping that Ezzer and Lartha would appear again. Ezzer and Lartha never returned. All eight stars still circle to this day wondering if Ezzer and Lartha will come back from the bright light that was now named Sun.

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