Dawn Patrol: A Morning with the Morro Bay High Surf Team


The MBHS Surf Team is a club at MBHS. This club supports students that like to surf and creates a space where they can compete with friends. The Team is ran by Danny Fahy, Josh Becket, and Jeff Jackway. They also are the main coaches for the team. To get on the team you need to pay an acceptance fee of $100. This is so that they can enter all of the kids in competition, each kid costs money to enter them into comps. Every monday morning we meet at The Pit, which is right next to The Rock. They have to be in our wetsuits at 6:45 am.










In this photo Coach Josh Becket is going over what a practice should look like. This consists of safety rules, how to simulate a competition, and things to be thinking about when you’re in a heat. One key safety rule is to always keep watch on eachother, just incase if they get injured. 










These four Surf Team members including Jackson Gammie and Colton Franklin, are waiting for their approval to start their heat. These heats are to simulate what a COMP. would be like. You can see that they cant wait any longer to paddle out. The feeling of having to wait to paddle out while seeing good waves go by is the worse. But its all worth it when you finally do get out there and spending it with your friends.Emory Wishon, a Surf Team member,scores high  by cross stepping to the nose of the board.  This  technique  is  commonly used  in  longboarding. This  technique requires a lot of board control and balance. Behind him in the green jersey is Reid Hammer. They are competing in the same heat, as a friendly competition.The boys and girls team, and the coaches(Josh  Becket,  and Asher Weitzen) wait  for  the  next  heat  to  start.  They are  also  enjoying  the  show  the  other members in the water are putting on. Each heat is 15 minutes long.

Nathan Meyer makes an air. This is extremely hard to do in these surfing conditions. This is hard because you need to find a section to ramp up and catch air. Therefore it requires a lot of experience to see where the air section is.

The Team Members, The Boys and Girls Team, are getting ready for their heats. They want to get out as early as possible, so that they can get as many waves as they can. They each wear different colored jerseys so that the coaches can identify them.

In all the surf team is a great place to spend time with friends and push each other to get better at surfing. The practices are not to jam packed and very laid back. Members are all very welcoming and same with coaches. No matter how well the surf is there is always lots of energy.

The Surf Team has practices until the end of February.

Contact Danny Fahy for more information or if you want to sign up.

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