Arsenic and Old Lace at Morro Bay


By Ashlyn McDonald

    Last week on December 8 through the 10, the drama program put on their third play of the new, revamped theater program. The play is called Arsenic and Old Lace and it is a classic dark comedy about two sisters living in Brooklyn and their crazy lives. The drama teacher, Ms. Kostecka, the cast, crew, and tech people have been working very hard to create a great play for our school and the community to see.

    Ms. Kostecka and Charlie Fryer, the student director, have been working very diligently on creating a great theater program and play. Kostecka comments,“This is the third show that the new, revamped program has done and they know what they are doing.” Chase, one student on crew, states, “I think it is a very intentional choice that Miss. Kostecka is making, to try and do these different placed genres of plays.” She has been doing theater for twenty years and continues to amaze the community with her work. 

Everyone in the theater program has different views on the characters, but there are some fan favorites between everyone. Denzel, a student working in sound tech, “Likes Dr. Einstein the most.” “I like Dr. O’Hara, the officer,” says Bridget, a crew member. Miss Kostecka’s favorite characters are the officers because “they have taken a role that’s small and made it memorable.”

The play was a success but going into it, nobody knew if it was going to be perceived well. But, the theater program had expected it to go well and they were excited to show their hard work to the community. Bridget commented, “it is funny and a murder comedy, which you don’t see much.” She was very excited to see all of the hard work be worth it. Miss. Kostecka had thought it was a good play for Morro Bay High School (MBHS) to do because “it has humor, it has characterization, and it is very real, while still having silly characters.” 

The entire theater program had very different feelings coming up to the play. Chase, a crew member, was not nervous because he “believes that we have done plenty of rehearsals and the cast members know what they are doing so there isn’t much to worry about.”  Bridget, another crew member, is nervous about the play because she is “excited to see people live, on stage.” Miss. Kostecka wasn’t nervous about the play either because the theater program is “prepared and it is going really well.” And they did a very good job on the play and everyone who saw it really liked it.

Sadly, we have to wait until next year to see another play done by the theater program at MBHS. They did an amazing job and we can’t wait to see the next play they are doing. Now, it is under wraps, but the next play is sure to be a sweet surprise. Ms. Kostecka, Charlie Fryer, and the cast, and crew have made an amazing production of Arsenic and Old Lace at Morro Bay High.

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