Morro Bay High School Photo-Journalism Ranking


Morro Bay High School students have made new content within the world of visual storytelling. The advanced photo class at MBHS have been working on a photojournalism. These projects were largely unrestricted and up to the students imagination; ranging from daily life activities to step by step guides. The Morro Bay Spyglass is taking this assignment as an opportunity to display some of the best work from this unit. Here are the top 5 photojournalism projects ranked by the Editor. 


5.The Spyglass Today- Marina Asquith LINK

Starting off with “The Spyglass Today.” It’s a sweet bite sized look into the world of the Spyglass. A behind the scenes piece that captivates the positive energy displayed within the green room and beyond. A great inside look for those who are interested in how the broadcasts are produced. 


4.The Afternoon Pier- Emory Wishon LINK

This project puts the surfing world on full display. Stunning surf shots mixed in with shenanigans. A sort of comedy project with some unexpected golden photos. For example a surfer caught mid fall jumping off the pier. Perfectly timed photos that put the viewer in Cayucos Culture.


3.Road- Rio Fleming LINK

Road is a relevant piece to the current climate change occurring in California. This is based around the huge rainstorm and flood that California faced a month ago. It speaks to the physical impact of climate change and highlights fallout in the MBHS area specifically. Even recently the climate change issues are further proven with the recent snow spotting in Morro Bay. 


2.Photobook- Alana Sachs LINK

“Photobook” follows an adventurer on his journey through gorgeous landscapes. Scaling large terrain around the San Luis Obispo area. The beauty of the central coast shines through these photos, A project that’s sure to make outsiders jealous. The journey ends atop a mountain leaving the adventurer with peace of mind with a speechless shot. The final quote from the project sums it up perfectly, “The final view from the evening. Light cascades over the mountains, darkening and lightening various surfaces. Silence, peace, and love flow through the individuals’ minds. Love for nature, adventure, and each other.”


1.How to Make Homemade Soap- Katie Doot LINK

Katie Doot’s “How to Make Homemade Soap” is coming in at first place! It’s a good length project that dives deep into the step by step aspect. It inspires those who have never even considered the idea to actually try it themselves. Charged with overwhelming positive energy It has wonderful close up visuals paired with a vibrant well matched aesthetic and the use of font and color coordination ties the project together perfectly.

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