The Mountains


The Mountains

Once upon a time there was land. On this land there were four celestial beings. Their names were Anemoi, Aestas, Cailleach, and Anna. 

All four of them got along very well. They were happy that it was just them alone on this land. A divine entity had demanded these four beings to protect anything that roams this land. At first there was just dirt, trees, grass. 

When Cailleach closed his eyes, he would point at any tree and water would fall straight to that tree. Aestas felt as if Cailleach would make the trees cold from the cold water so Aestas would ball her hand into a fist and bring the sun out to warm up the trees. Anemoi got sad everytime the sun came out because he believed that the sun burned them. Anemoi was a little too powerful because he wanted to give nature a light breeze by lightly whistling on the plants, but almost every plant would shrivel up and die. Anna noticed the dying nature and she would simply stare into the plant and let it bloom within seconds. 

Every year a divine entity would give a new life for the four celestial beings to care for. After 5,000,000 years passed, the first human was put onto this land. The celestial beings didn’t like this human. It had arms and legs just like them. It looked almost completely like them, but it was just too small.

The human didn’t seem to bother that much so the celestial beings let the human be. One day the human went up to Cailleach to let him know that there was a plant dying and needed water. Cailleach took that as a demand and refused to follow the humans order for the human isn’t who shall give orders. Only the divine entity tells Cailleach his orders. The human angrily threw dirt at Cailleach which he of course took that offensive. Cailleach pointed at the human and made rain fall on the human until the human died from drowning. The divine entity had come to the land to punish Cailleach. Cailleach didn’t have powers for a year because of the actions he took.  

The other 3 celestial beings didn’t like what had happened to Cailleach. They were in fear of losing their powers from the divine entity. 

The divine entity made 1,000 more humans in less than a week of Caillech getting his powers back. Cailleach felt sad that there were so many more humans than nature. Cailleach gathered all three of the celestial beings and formed a meeting. He proposed that all four of them use their entire power on the humans to make them go away. Anna was hesitant. “Would the divine entity not get mad?” asked Anna. “What if the divine entity takes all of our powers?”

“To hell the divine entity can go!” shouted Aestas. “I much rather use my powers to exterminate the humans than to use it to serve them.”

“I say let’s get rid of them.” stated Anemoi. 

Although the four celestial beings agreed to take down the humans, they weren’t aware that the divine entity was listening to the entire meeting. Before the celestial beings took action, the divine entity put them in a deep sleep. All four celestial beings fell into their sleep and never woke up. 

As eons went on, humans kept forming and the planet kept developing. Sand started to cover the four celestial beings making it look like those four bodies were graves. Trees started to grow over these graves. These graves are unmarked and overlooked. They are now seen as mountains.

It is said that these four celestial beings are the reason as to why humans go through seasons. Cailleach brought winter, Anemoi brought fall, Aestas brought summer, Anna brought spring. They bring these seasons in hopes that it brings unfortunate weather for the humans.   

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