The Blue Wolf – Chapter One: Superboy


May 17th, mid 21st-century, Florida…

It’s 8:50 pm, and the city of Miami is semi-quiet, with a few cars driving around the city. most people out this late either return home after taking a long shift or deliver pizza late at night. The sky is deep blue with a gradient shade of rust over the horizon, forming a nautical twilight.

A black van cruises down a depopulated road, toward a bank, and the man driving the shady van pulled over and is wearing a black hoodie, black tactical gloves, jeans, and ski masks to cover up their face. One of the men has a star on his ski mask.  “Alright fellas, you guys ready?” he says

All the men nod and go to the back of the van to open a rack full of pistols and rifles. Soon, the men get out of the van, with one guy staying inside to be the getaway driver. These soon-to-be bank robbers soon went, using a crowbar to bust through and storm into the bank’s lobby, aiming their guns at employees and customers minding their own business.

Nobody Move!” The robbers shouted as they went over to all the people who were in there, forcing them to get down on their knees and put their hands up, shaking more than a 10.0 earthquake as some of the robbers emptied their pockets and mugged anything valuable they had.

Meanwhile, as the getaway driver was taking off his ski mask to smoke a cigarette, he heard a knock on his window. He looked to see nobody there, and soon he opened the window and peeked his head out, to see nobody around.

“Hello?” he called out.

“Hey” the voice of a kid spoke above him, and he looked up to see the face of a large-eyed, black-haired boy above him, on the roof of the van. “Have you ever sung with an angel before?” the kid said before he punched the man right in the forehead, his punch having enough force to knock the man out cold.

The boy soon jumped down next to the door, revealing his slightly athletic physique, with some superhero costume with a plain blue shirt, a deep blue vest, a navy blue facemask, black pants and boots, blue wrappings around his hand, and blue cape.

“Me neither,” he said before walking over to the bank, where the robbery was still unfolding. People were being taken hostage by the robbers in case the cops come to interrupt their robbery, however, they are about to get the most unexpected thing possible.

Coming through the doors wasn’t a cop, but a 12-year-old boy with long, spikey black hair, large green eyes, and a ridiculous superhero outfit walked right in, and soon shouted “Hey! Robbers!

Soon, they come out and paused upon seeing the kid in the costume walk on in, and soon one of them said “Hey kid, go play somewhere else!”

“Nah, I’m good right here,” the boy said as he pulled out a sword from a holster on his back. Soon, many of the robbers came out and told him to get lost, only for their demands to fall on deaf ears.

The boy soon smirked as he began boldly walking forward, and soon one of the robbers stepped forward and pulled out his pistol, and pointed it at the boy. “Come to another step forward, and I will blow you’re brains out, kid”

“I’d like to see you try, punk” the kid said by the way, “By the way, name’s Robbie, and that’s all you need to know about me”

“Whatever, die,” The man said as he pulled the trigger, and the bullet came flying out of the gun, only for the boy named Robbie to dodge the bullet in a flash. The man was shocked, seeing how this boy had moved at speeds no human should be able to move at, let alone a child!

Robbie chuckled and then said “Too slow!” before jumping into the robber and headbutting him right in the gut. The man yelled and fell like a sack of bricks, and soon Robbie looked up at the other robbers, raised his sword in the air, and dashed at them.

What followed was a 5-minute struggle between the robbers and Robbie as they tried desperately to stop the seeming superboy, but were no match for the teen. The scuffle ended with them down and on the ground, some having cuts on the legs from Robbie’s sword.

Robbie stood over the downed robbers and soon said “Next time, get a job, rats” before he went to the staff bathroom to clean off his sword, and soon found an alternative way out of the bank before the police finally arrived, seeing the scene Robbie left behind.

15 minutes later…

Robbie made his way up the top of a skyscraper in the city after stopping a few more criminals around town. He made it up here by climbing and jumping across the city, arriving at the top of the building in less than 30 seconds.

He sits down on the edge of the building and looked down upon the city of Miami, thinking about how much the crime rate has been lowering ever since he first began his career as a “superhero” if you’d call it that. He soon looked at his sword, and soon thought about how many times this blade sliced the robber’s legs, and had never taken a single life.

Soon, he looked ahead and soon said “I think the city’s quiet enough tonight, time for me to head home”

Soon, Robbie made the journey home to North Beach, an island on the beach of Miami. On that island, he lived with his single mother named Chloe Parkins, who was a blondie with short, smooth hair, sapphire blue eyes, and a face Robbie always thought looked like a cat.

Robbie soon arrived home after about 6 minutes of fast traveling, taking long jumps to get home. His house was a beach house on the beach of north beach, and it was a double-story home too! Robbie landed on the roof of the home, and he snuck in through the window.

“Albert! I’m home!” Robbie said, and soon he heard a soft honking sound as a black and white rabbit hopped over to him. The rabbit’s name was Albert, and he was Robbie’s beloved companion.

Robbie soon kneeled, and soon raised his hand, and soon said “Gimme 5, Albert!” and soon Albert oinked as he stood up on his hind legs, and soon struck Robbie’s hand with his left paw with a binky.

Soon, Robbie began taking off his superhero clothes, and stored them under his bed, revealing his regular clothes underneath, a blue and grey striped shirt and gray sweats.

Soon, Robbie looked out the window, which showed a part of the city on North Beach, and he said “Another day stopping bad guys. Honestly, I have to be the most powerful guy in this city!” demonstrating his inflated ego and over-confidence, which came as a byproduct of his heroism in this admittedly weak city.

Soon, he heard his door open, and he turned around to see his mother, Chloe, standing there in his doorway, soon saying “Robbie, my son, where have you been?”

“Uhh… nowhere?” Robbie said, and Chloe cocked her eyebrow, knowing he was lying. “Alright fine, I was out fighting more criminals”

“I had a feeling it was that,” Chloe said with a sigh, “How many times have I told you that you are putting yourself in danger doing this?”

“Don’t worry ma, it’s fine! I mean, I’ve been doing it since I was 8, and nothing has happened to me since!”

“It is that attitude that I’m worried about! You’ve faced nothing but common street thugs, and petty bank robbers! You have never faced anyone even remotely on you’re level! You’re becoming too complacent, and it makes you overconfident, which can be dangerous for you! Many people such as yourself have succumbed to their overconfidence” Chloe said.

Robbie just laughed at Chloe’s words, and soon said “Come on mom, how is overconfidence gonna defeat me? If anything, it makes me that much stronger!”

Chloe just sighed, and soon said “One day, Robbie, you’ll understand. Until then, I fear for your well-being”

Robbie scoffed as he continued to have his back turned to Chloe, looking out the window at the city. Chloe soon said, “Well, I recommend you get some sleep, son, we got a big test tomorrow” before closing the door.

“Ugh, another test,” Robbie said as he heard Albert hop over next to him.

“I mean, do you ever think about how tests just always seem so tedious?!” Robbie said to Albert, who just looked at him for a moment before shrugging.

“Oh yeah, you don’t take tests like me…” Robbie said, and Albert nodded

“Tch, whatever. Still, what irritates me more is how mom keeps telling me how I’m “overconfident” and “arrogant”! I mean, so what if I’m a little cocky? Every superhero is at least somewhat cocky, like batman, iron man, superman, he-man, she-man, and that man!”

Albert nodded in agreement, and Robbie soon said “What’s the big idea? They always win, and I always win too! I think it’s okay to be overconfident if I’m invincible”

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