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Ask Abbie: Corona Edition

Dear Abbie, I want to be roommates with someone but I can’t tell if they do too. -Master   Dear Master, We’re at a scary time right now,...

What MBHS Wants from its ASB Canidates

Voting for ASB positions has always been an interesting thing amongst MBHS students, even if we do it a bit differently than most places....

Uncertain Futures with the Coronavirus

At this point, saying it’s been an odd week and a half would be a dramatic understatement. We’ve gone from excitedly preparing for spring...

It’s a Pain. Period.

Since the installation of our pool in 2017, MBHS has had pad and tampon dispensers in the new woman’s bathrooms on campus. The J-Wing...

Student Perspective on Sea Level Rise

  The opinions of high school students are often overlooked when it comes to big issues. Adults say they don’t understand enough and haven’t lived...

The Scoop on Standardized Testing

  Standardized testing. We all have to suffer through it and take tests upon tests upon tests just because we’re supposed to. But why? What...

The Exciting Mysteries of Puzzle Effect SLO

By Abbie Burrus, Marisa Dinsmoor, and Adam Rainbolt Although it is not immediately obvious from the street, Puzzle Effect San Luis Obispo on Marsh Street...

Ask Abbie #3: Christmas Music, Trying New Sports, and Motivation

Dear Abbie,   I really like Christmas, and would like to listen to Christmas Carols on the radio but my friends say it's too early. What...

Advice from Abbie: Sleep Troubles, Toxic Friendships, and Mistakes

  Dear Abbie,   How do I keep my friends from staying up too late doing homework? They need sleep but they're swamped with essays and studying....

Advice from Abbie: Crushes, Weird Eye Contact, and Adam Being Dumb

  DISCLAIMER! Although this is Abbie’s genuine advice, it is incredibly important to note that Abbie is not at all an expert in . ....

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