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Rea Reviews: “The Addams Family”

The conclusion of The Addams Family, the latest production from Morro Bay High's drama club, on April 23rd marks another success from drama director...

Rea Reviews: “Women Talking”

Women Talking‘s composite score is currently 79.14. "Hope for the future is good. It is better than hatred for the familiar." Yet again, I have been gifted...

Rea Reviews: The Top Movies of 2022

2022 has come and gone, and the third year of our decade has been the best one for cinema yet. No critic can ever...

Rea Reviews: Predicting the Oscars… Way Too Early

The 95th Academy Awards aren't until March 12th, their nominations aren't scheduled until January 24th, but the de facto beginning of Oscar season - the...

Marvel is Changing. Here’s How (and Why).

SPOILERS for each project in Phase Four of the Marvel Cinematic Universe below their respective subheadings. SPOILERS for Phases 1, 2, and 3 of...

Rea Reviews: “Don’t Worry Darling”

Don't Worry Darling's composite score is currently 58.29. It is never the goal of a film critic, especially one for a publication, to have their...

Rea Reviews: The Composite Score

Rea Reviews will be introducing a new feature, the composite score, to enhance an aspect of film criticism that is increasingly important to acknowledge:...

Rea Reviews: “Bullet Train,” An Action Comedy Starring Brad Pitt

"Sometimes you've got to shoot first and come up with questions later." You're a massive Hollywood actor, acting in a film about a bullet train...

Rea Reviews: Top Gun: Maverick

"Don't think. Do." Shocking almost everyone, Top Gun: Maverick released last Friday to supersonic reviews, which lead me to wonder - is this more than just another...

Rea Reviews: MBHS “Seussical: The Musical”

"Anyone willing to bid a functioning sound system? We sure need one." From May 19th to 21st, drama director Ms Kostecka and her student ensemble...

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