Multi-Culti Cast – Episode #13 – Girls soccer team at MBHS

Hello guys! Here's the one and only girls soccer episode! We asked a couple of girls on the varsity team some questions, since they did...

Multi-Culti Cast – Episode #12 – Spring break!

Hello hello! We're back with a new episode, this time about spring break! New things, first times here... Tell us what you think about it!...

Multi-Culti Cast – Episode #11 – Things brought and kept

Hello hello everyone! Welcome to our 11th episode! For this one, Lisa and I talked about the things that we brought here, material or not,...

Multi-Culti Cast – Episode #10 – Expressions

Hi guys! Welcome to a new episode! For this one, we talked about some random expressions from our native languages, which are german and french for...

Multi-Culti Cast – Episode #9 – Holidays

Hello Everyone! Big comeback for the Multi-Culti Cast (what's left of it!) with two amazing episodes! This one is being published after the one we...

Multi-Culti Cast – Final Episode… or is it?

Alright guys, that's a wrap... for the last semester :) So sad that we had to say goodbye to Ellen and Leo, we're going to...

Mutli-Culti Cast – Episode #7 – Thanksgiving!

Welcome to this week's episode of the Multi-Culti Cast! We're talking about Thanksgiving today! Very different from where we're all from, because well... We...

Multi-Culti Cast – Episode #6 – Geography Quiz!

Hi guys! Today you'll discover many more questions we asked in our Geography Quiz a while ago! We hope you guys enjoy it! Credit...

Multi-Culti Cast – Episode #5 – Music

Hi guys! On this week's episode, you will discover some music! Here are the names of some artists in this episode: Belgium: Angèle with "Balance...

Multi-Culti Cast – Episode #4 – Homesickness

Hello guys! Long time no see! (no talk actually) We are coming back this Monday with a big episode about the homesickness we feel...

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