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End of Senior Year: What Comes Next?

Every year a class of students gets to experience their senior year. A send off year to college where people turn from children into...

Stepping Into the World of Anime

Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, and The Simpsons. All great American shows that have impacted the T.V. industry with immense effect, at least in...

Opinion: Godzilla vs. Kong and the Point of Monster Movies

WARNING: Spoilers ahead for Godzilla vs. Kong (2021) As of 2021, the Marvel and DC comics have established long running universes through movies. Since 2008,...

Meeting the Standard: How Students Struggle with Social Acceptance

Social Standards               School is a place where students come to learn and increase their knowledge, but it also comes with the social aspect between others....

WandaVision: What’s Next for Marvel?

Warning: Spoilers ahead On March 5th, WandaVison concluded their series in the most Marvel way possible, anticipation, wonder, and satisfaction. The pilot episode for The...

Perseverance Lands on Mars: What Does That Mean and What’s Next?

By Justin Milton Mars 2020’s Perseverance Rover has successfully landed on Mars on February 18th. During the Rover’s descent, it took unprecedented video and audio,...

How to Drive In Movie Theater

The basics Movies are fun to watch, but there are other ways of enjoying the movies such as the Drive in Theater in San Luis...

Beautiful Unrealism: What Makes Wes Anderson Movies Work?

By Lucas Mellom and Cordelia Reilly Warning: Spoilers for multiple Wes Anderson films ahead Imagine sitting atop an icy mountain in Germany, a hotel glowing vibrantly...

Hiking Before and During the Pandemic

By Justin Milton Normally, hiking has few restrictions. There is not really a limit on the number of people that you can go with, the...

Cyberpunk 2077’s Surprising Connection to Morro Bay

In the past few years, there have been few games that have had more build up and hype than Cyberpunk 2077. First announced in...

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