WARNING: Seniors, Save Your Google Drive Files!

Seniors: All Google Drive files will be deleted after graduation! Be sure to follow the steps on this paper to save your desired files...

Mamma Mia Play: What to Expect

(Flier art by Faye Vavra) by Mailani McKelvy The play Mamma Mia, starring senior Maddy Booker as Sophie and junior Marissa Dinsmor as her mother starts...

Top 10 iMovies – Reviewed

by Megan Costanzo iMovie is a video editing software application sold by Apple Inc. It was originally released in 1999. iMovie allows anyone to...

Top 10 Belated Valentines Gifts

By Ashley Magday Valentines was the day where couples give each other something to make them feel loved. Something that will make them happy is...

Top 10 Movies to watch on Valentine’s Day

by Maddy Booker and Mailani McKelvy Don't have Valentine's day plans? Here is a collection of some awesome movies to watch if you want an...

Presentations: Are They Really Teaching our Students Public Speaking?

by Mailani McKelvy This time of year marks the start of English teachers requesting their students to recite poetry in front of the class for...

Top 5 Trends of 2018

As we start in 2019, it is interesting to look reflect on the numerous trends from 2018. Here are what Morro Bay High School...

The Movie “Green Book” Seeks to Defy Common Stereotypes

by Mailani McKelvy The movie Green Book proved to be a deeply emotional watch that stuck with me, even after leaving the theater. The plot...

Morro Bay Boat Parade Awes Crowds

by Mailani McKelvy The Lighted Boat Parade, taking place on the Embarcadero on December 8th, featured a procession of local boats decorated with holiday lights....

Forget the 5 Paragraph Formula

Throughout middle and high school, students are taught the fundamentals of reading critically through the various types of essays- whether they are analyzing literature...

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