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Breaking out of Our Bubble: What Does the Black Lives Matter...

By Marisa Dinsmoor and Adam Rainbolt On May 25, Minnesota citizen George Floyd was killed in police custody, sparking nationwide outrage over the issues of...

How Local Businesses are Dealing with the Pandemic

Due to the pandemic of the coronavirus, local businesses have been forced to shut down or limit their hours and services. Following government guidelines,...

How to Be Successful When Working From Home!

With the transition to online classes, there has definitely been a de-structuring of how school work is administered and completed. Students must now schedule...

Myths vs Facts: The Truth About the Coronavirus

The Coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, has set off waves of panic as well as dismissal amongst the public. This is especially true amongst...

Environmental Investigation: Impact of Waste at MBHS

Morro Bay High School is unique because of its close proximity to the beach, allowing students to smell the salty sea breeze and observe...

Dance Fusion Show This Week!

The annual Dance Fusion show is this Thursday and Friday at 7pm in the small gym at Morro Bay High School. This show is...

Why Not Celebrate Love Every Day? A Take On Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is either a romantic day spent with your loved one, a depressing day of loneliness, or a day some people simply don’t...

KSBY New Story featuring MBHS Student Journalists

Morro Bay city leaders say King Tides give 'disconcerting' preview of sea level rise https://www.ksby.com/news/local-news/morro-bay-city-leaders-say-king-tides-give-disconcerting-preview-of-sea-level-rise For the past two months, the Morro Bay Spyglass has been...

What is Sea Level Rise? What can We Do to Prepare?

   Sea Level Rise, often referred to as SLR, is now an inevitable result of Climate Change. As carbon emissions like those from cars and...

Voice Through Movement

There is an overwhelming amount of students who suffer from stress, anxiety, and other problems with mental health. It’s challenging to balance different aspects...

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