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Buzzfeed Unsolved: The End

Researching true crime cases and ghost stories can be nerve-wracking for a 12-year-old. Gen-Z however, has had nothing to fear, because the ghoul boys...

Morro Bay Cryptid Course: Episode #1 – The Kraken

Taylor and Niels explore local myths and legends around San Luis Obispo. Taylor (a believer) tries to convince Niels (a non-believer) that elements of the supernatural world are real. In the premiere episode, Taylor and Niels discuss the ocean legend of The Kraken

Envisioning a New Media: Star Wars Visions

Have you ever thought about the limitless possibilities of a galaxy far, far away? Have you ever found yourself wondering if Jedi could control...

Shang-Chi Fights Into Phase 4

Riding a wave of success from blockbuster franchise films, tv shows, and comic books, Marvel continues its rollout of Phase 4 (the series of...

The Bad Batch and Disability Representation

Warning: Spoilers ahead!  Disney has released their newest installment of the Star Wars series, The Bad Batch, which premiered on May 4, 2021. The show...

Secret Queer Communication Throughout History

In the last article in this series, the idea that LGBTQ+ rights have had a long and tumultuous history was explored. However, even during...

LGBTQ+ Court Cases in History: What You Might Have Missed

This year I will be taking a look into LGBTQ+ history that is not often mentioned in schools. As of October 27, 2020 Amy...

Destiel Becomes Canon, Raising Questions of Queerbaiting

Warning: spoilers for Supernatural, and opinions stated do not necessarily reflect the Spyglass as an organization.  With 13 seasons, 2.1 million viewers worldwide, and one...

Unus Annus: The Chapter Closes

“What would you do if you only had a year left to live? Would you squander the time you were given? Or would you...

Cooper Irving Brings Music Outside of the Classroom

As a writer, producer, and performer, junior Cooper Irving is a prominent member of the music scene at Morro Bay High School. Senior Brayden...

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